We are excited to announce that two of our Suzuki violin students, Karan Komuroji and Luxmi Narayan have been invited to participate as first violinists in the 2021 Indo-European Youth Orchestra.

Luxmi and Karan perform an outdoor concert at Lafayette Heritage Park in 2020

Luxmi Narayan, 15, has been a Suzuki student at Music Lessons Express for the past eight years. A sophomore at Florida State University School, Luxmi is a member of the Latin club, Model UN, and varsity golf team. She was also accepted into the Indo-European Youth Orchestra in 2020.

Karan Komuroji, 11, is a fifth grader at Gilchrist Elementary School. Karan has been part of the Suzuki violin program at Music Lessons Express for the past four years. In addition to violin, Karan is a member of the school swim team and enjoys playing cricket .

Both students study with MLE executive director, Natasha Marsalli.



From left to right: Luxmi Narayan, Natasha Marsalli, and Karan Komuroji.

Founded in 2018 in Hyderabad, the Indo-European Youth Orchestra seeks to bring together talented Indian Western Classical musicians from different parts of the world and perform concerts at festivals and venues around the globe. It is the first Western Classical music orchestra from India to perform in Europe.The orchestra performs both iconic Western works of music and raga-based music composed for Western instruments. This summer’s performance will take place August 7th at the Danube Palace in Budapest, Hungary. For more information, please visit the orchestra website HERE.