Families are billed automatically on the first of every month. All payments are done electronically, families will provide a method of payment (either credit card, debit card, refillable credit/debit cards, or bank account number) to be charged every month; MLE does not accept checks or cash. MLE will pro-rate the first month of lessons for students who begin mid-month, but lessons will not be pro-rated after that initial month.

There are no long-term contracts, however, if you would like to take a month off you must let the office know in writing (either email or letter) before the first of the month. When you return there will be a $50 re-registration fee and your lesson time and instructor are not guaranteed to be the same. For current lessons rates please go to


All students will receive an average of 4 lessons a month. Most months will be exactly 4 lessons, but some will be 5 or 3 depending on how holidays fall. For a full calendar, including which holidays MLE will be closed go to

Missed Lessons

Parents/students must give instructors at least 24-hours’ notice for any missed lessons in order to have them made up by the instructor. Lessons missed because of an instructor absence will always be made up at a mutually-agreed-upon time or covered by a substitute instructor. Lessons missed due to holiday closures are not made up and tuition is not adjusted for missed lessons.

If students show up late to a lesson, instructors are not required to extend the lesson past the regular end time.


MLE hosts two studio-wide recitals every year; one in December and one in April. These are open to all students enrolled in lessons at MLE and are free to participate in and attend. There are also special recitals throughout the year for Suzuki students, Rock Band students, and older advanced students.

Child Supervision

Parents of children under the age of 18 must be present at all times for In-Home lessons. Parents are encouraged to attend lessons at the MLE Studio but are not required to be present for lessons at our location. When students are waiting for their lesson, they must be in the Studio Lobby with a parent, no students or parents are allowed in teaching rooms without an instructor.


All method books, sheet music, and folders will be provided by MLE with no cost to the families beyond the initial registration fee. This does not include instruments and instrument accessories such as bows, chin rests, drum sticks, footstools, mouthpieces, reeds, or picks; students are responsible for providing these items.

Incentive Programs

  • 100 Day Practice Challenge: Students will decide on a daily practice goal with their instructor. If they are able to meet that goal every day for 25 days in a row they will receive a small prize; if they are able to meet the goal for 50 days in a row they will receive a medium prize; and if they make it 100 days in a row they will receive a final prize and have their name added to the 100 Day Society Plaque in the front of the studio.
  • Symphony Bar: Students who attend a Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra Concert and bring a program of the concert to their lesson will receive a free Hershey’s Symphony Chocolate Bar.
  • Suzuki Listening Challenge: Students who listen to the entire Suzuki CD can color in one character in our Mural of the World. If students listen more than once they can color one character for each time they have listened to the CD.