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Beginner Lessons

It’s never too early, or too late, to begin learning a musical instrument. Our experienced teaching instructors will create a customized learning plan  to help you reach your musical goals whether you’re 3 or 83. 

All students meet weekly with their private instructor for one-on-one music lessons at either our studio, online, or in their home. Beginning students will learn the fundamentals of music including technique, note reading, and rhythm while also exploring their own musical interests. Students also have the opportunity to perform in our recitals twice a year.  

Beginning lessons are recommended for new students over the age of 4 and all students under the age of 12. Starting at $120 per month. 

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Intermediate Lessons

MLE instructors have helped dozens of students successfully prepare for competitions, Solo & Ensemble/All-State, and youth orchestra/school orchestra auditions. Intermediate lessons are a good fit for students who are looking to take their performance goals to the next level.

Students meet weekly with their private instructor and will tackle more ambitious repertoire, continue to refine their technique, and learn about other aspects of music such as history and theory. Intermediate students are encouraged to participate in performances outside of MLE including regional and national competitions, summer music festivals, and other opportunities as appropriate.

This lesson length is recommended for students who are at least 10 years old and who have been studying for more than 2 years. Lessons start at $180 per month.

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Advanced Lessons

Advanced lessons are recommended for students who want to make music a top priority. Our talented instructors have performed around the country and have degrees from some of the most prestigious music schools in the world. They are ready to help students navigate the pre-professional music world including building a music resume, preparing for college and summer music festival auditions, and designing a healthy practice and performance regimen.

Students will meet one-on-one with their instructor each week to work on challenging, concert-level repertoire, technique, sight reading, and performance skills. Instructors will also help students find additional performance and competition opportunities to further their careers. Whatever your goals are, we will help you achieve them.

This lesson length is recommended for new students over the age of 15 who have been studying for at least 5 years. Advanced lessons are required for high school students who intend to audition for music school. Lessons start at $240 per month.

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