“We are very grateful for everything you’ve done for my daughter.  You are a great instructor!  You’ve been wonderful with her, so thank you.  Natasha is amazing (unbelievably talented).”

– Amy K.


Lyndon does such a great job with [my son] that we want to continue the lessons however we can get them! What you have put together is just TOO good to stop!

– Jason D.


I just wanted to thank you again for the 2 amazing summer camp weeks!!! You and Natasha have been so wonderful!! What a great exposure for the boys.

– Marie-Helene K.


“My daughter is on her second month taking guitar lessons and she is playing songs already! She is quickly and easily learning music theory and she is only 9 Brett makes it easy for her! Great place for all ages!”

– Melba P.


I have been extremely impressed with Caroline’s patience and her ability to teach my son.He tends to be a bit on the active side, but Caroline manages him like a seasoned professional. The talent and personality she brings to the lesson is what I believe has helped capture and hold my son’s interest in piano. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. It is why I recommended her to a friend. They love her just as much as we do. You truly have a diamond in Caroline. 🙂

– Leigh Anne P.


“My granddaughter took violin lessons from MLE and I would highly recommend them….her MLE instructor gave in home lessons, was always on time, understanding of a 12 year old girls trials and tribulations and very encouraging. My granddaughter along with her parents, of course, moved to Gainesville and we are having a hard time finding a good replacement.”

– Doreen H.


“She loves to perform. Having opportunities to play, like recitals and playing at the Capitol steps last year, motivates her to practice.”

– Canopy Oaks Parent


“Her teacher fosters self esteem, encourages independence, and truly teaches her a love for musical expression.”

– Parent of Gilchrist student


“I LOVE the flexibility you have given us; my son has had a wonderful experience!”

– Parent of Desoto Trail student


“Our son has truly enjoyed his guitar lessons and works well with his instructor. He has overcome the fear of playing in front of an audience and has become more focused, aiding him in staying on task. He has made great progress this past year and we are looking forward to another terrific year. Music Lessons Express delivers!”

– Canopy Oaks Parent


“MLE has added to our child’s music appreciation.”

– Parent of in-home student


“My son is more disciplined and he continues to progress academically.”

– Parent, in-home student


“My daughter’s self confidence has greatly improved after receiving an award at her piano recital.”

– Parent of Imagine student


“For both of our girls, it’s enabled them to take lessons as part of their after school time. Plus, they both plan to enroll in middle school band. They now have a head start since they’ve had some music fundamentals and can read basic music.”

– Parent of students from East Hill afterschool program


“Our daughter’s musical education grew remarkably last year. She knows her notes, some chords and has a beginner level comprehension of timing.”

– Canopy Oaks Parent


“My son had a very good experience last year. Our idea was to give him an introduction to guitar to see if he wants to pursue it more seriously. He did very well last year and we agreed to make a commitment to private lessons for him since he has decided he likes guitar.”

– Roberts Elementary Parent


“The music program fits our family’s busy schedule and allows our son the opportunity to pursue sports as well as music.”

– Parent of in-home student


“Lessons are greatly enjoyed. Instruction is good.”

– Parent of in-home student


“My child needs to build his fine motor skills. He also needs to build his self-confidence. We believe playing an instrument will help with these needs.”

– Gilchrist Elementary Parent