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The Core Values of Music Lessons Express

Adaptability – I am always willing to change myself or my routine, professionally or personally, if there is a system that benefits myself or someone that I am helping. I will try new things and be open to new ideas as well as integrating new technology into my life. I will strive to stay current in our ever changing world.

Conscientiousness – When I work, I internalize the challenges and successes of others. I take ownership of my actions, I work harder, and I care about others. I believe in myself. I am only successful if you are successful.

Education – I learn from my mistakes. I consistently learn, grow and master all that I can to help my fellow team members and customers grow. I am an educator and challenge my students to think on their own and make decisions. I impart practical and useable knowledge rather than just (music) theory.

Encouragement – I will always be positive and encouraging of others. I will always speak positively and encouraging to coworkers and students about their lessons and activities, fostering a positive attitude at work and in my home.

Enjoyment – I will always find the joy in my work. I will always take time to tell others of my happiness and how much I enjoy working with them. I will also strive to find the joy and positive in every situation, even those that seem dire.

Flexibility – I realize that things change and will always be open to working with the schedules and challenges of others. I will work hard to meet the needs of my coworkers or students to ensure their success.

Hard Work – I will be industrious and tireless with my efforts. I will remain focused on success – for me professionally, for me personally, and for my coworkers and students. I realize that I not only work hard for my own satisfaction, but for the success of others.

Learning – I will never stop learning. I will seek new information and knowledge. I will research new information, develop new skills, and always take advantage of an opportunity to both teach or be taught.

Quality – I will always strive to deliver the highest quality product in whatever I do.

Success – I will be successful in my endeavor, both personally and professionally. My success is not singular, but by a collaboration of countless others, many of whom I will never know. However, I realize I am ultimately responsible for whether I fail or succeed.