As part of our Featured Alumni blog series, we are reaching out to students who studied at MLE through high school. Today’s post features former violin student and Tallahassee native, Avonlea Geisbert. 


MLE Alumnus Avonlea Geisbert works with one of her students

Where do you live now?
I just moved from Tallahassee, Florida to Olympia, Washington.


Tell us a little bit about your current career and what led you there. 

I am currently a strings teacher and performer. I teach various stringed instruments in the public school system as well as private violin lessons outside of public school. Additionally, I’ve performed in various symphonies, weddings, musicals, etc. My music career started when I was in 6th grade and was first introduced to the violin. I knew fairly early on that this was something that I wanted to make into a career. I finally found Ms. Natasha and started lessons with her when I reached high school. Since I began lessons with her, my abilities increased dramatically. She challenged me in the way that I needed, introduced me to many different composers, and prepared me for my college career. It is thanks to Ms. Natasha that I was able to get the enriching education I needed to get into a university to study music.

How do you think studying music helped you get where you are today?

Studying music did not just grant me the opportunity to have a career in music. Studying music taught me many disciplines that I would not otherwise have learned. Learning an instrument requires teamwork, consistent effort, curiosity, and a continuous desire for self-improvement. Music education is vital because it teaches important life skills in a way that encourages creativity and heals the soul. Studying music will build skills that will get you far in any career that you choose.

Avonlea was formerly the orchestra director of Cobb Middle School in Tallahassee before her move to Olympia. She graduated from Florida State University Schools, where she was a member of the school orchestra as well as the Tallahassee Youth Orchestra. Avonlea holds a degree in music education from Florida State University. She studied violin with Natasha Marsalli, executive director and Suzuki violin instructor at Music Lessons Express.