Rich McDonald began taking guitar lessons with MLE in May, 2013. He is a husband, father, and dedicated employee to his company. Rich also recognized there was a musically creative side to him that he wanted to foster.

Having played trumpet in his youth, Rich was vaguely familiar with music and the practice that was going to be required to learn guitar. He signed up for lessons and has worked diligently to learn various techniques and skills.

He has now completed one year of lessons, and to mark his musical anniversary, he created this short youtube video. It displays his original artwork along with his original guitar composition. In his composition, titled “Revolution One“, he displays many of the techniques learned throughout the year of lessons: composing a melody, picking patterns, bending notes, sliding up and down the neck, staccato notes, using the minor pentatonic scale in various positions, playing rhythm guitar and more.

As with all of our students, we asked Rich in his first lesson who he listened and who were his influences. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd and 3 Doors Down were his two favorites – can you hear their influence in his playing?

Congratulations Rich and we are excited to work with you for a 2nd year!