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Suzuki Guitar Pre-Twinklers
Group Class is Thursday
Private lessons  by appointment
Led by Ben Lougheed

MLE students: 45 minute group class + 20 minute private lesson weekly ($144/month)
Non-MLE students: 45 minute group class weekly ($100/month)
Ages 3-5 years old

Suzuki Violin Pre-Twinklers
Group Class is Wednesdays 5:00pm – 5:45pm
Private Lessons by appointment
Led by Natasha Marsalli

MLE students: 45 minute group class + 20 minute private lesson weekly  ($144/month)
Non-MLE students: 45 minute group class weekly ($100/month)
Ages 3-6 years old

The Suzuki Pre-Twinklers classes are for children ages 3-5 years old. We offer both Suzuki guitar and violin classes. The Suzuki Method is developed from the philosophies of Shin’ichi Suzuki. Suzuki’s “Mother Tongue” approach to teaching music builds on the principles of language acquisition. Those principals include an early beginning, listening, loving encouragement, parental support, constant repetition, learning with other children and then learning to read. Because all children learn and master their own language, Suzuki believed all children could learn and master music in the same way. He sometimes called this “Talent Education,” meaning that musical talent is not inborn, but can be developed in everyone.

Suzuki classes are centered around a solid teaching method and parental involvement. Parents must attend lessons to reinforce concepts taught in each class. As the student gets older, they take the reins. The Suzuki Pre-Twinklers class is once a week for 45 minutes and is accompanied by a 20 minute lesson once a week (non-MLE students who participate in the class must take private lessons). Group classes are to learn to play together, to learn music theory, and to reinforce private lessons.

Classes generally begin with “music games,” instrument holding simulations and lots and lost of listening. Parents will be given a CD to listen to over and over and over again, at home, in the car, through the television, etc. Why this method?

*Children are espcially attuned to sound from birth to around age 5.

*Children are more open to learning the younger they are.

*The Suzuki method can move as slow as is necessary for each individual child. The focus is on the details and creating a solid foundation.

*Children learn to speak through repetition. Parents and teachers work together to create a musical vocabulary that will always be a part of each child’s music learning.

*Young children learn to speak best by speaking with others at their same level. Group lessons encourage a community, providing each child with motivation as they see each other hitting their music milestones